Why use Life Survival Medics for your event first aid and medical services?










         We are experienced in and supply Medics, First aiders, Paramedics, Nurses or Doctors for;


Extreme Sports Events, BMX specialists

Triathlons and Running events

Specialists in Schools sports and athletics 

TV and Movie Sets

Entertainment Venues

Social and Business Groups

Organisers of Pyrotechnics for your event

Drug Testing and RSI qualified

Special Rescue Medics on Bikes Team, both motor bikes,

ATV's (Registered & Insured for Medic Duties) and push bikes


We have highly qualified and experienced event first aiders,  Medics, registered EMT-medics, paramedics

and RN (Nurses) to provide safe and efficient first aid and medical services at your event, concert,

sporting competition, workplace or public gathering.


We also have qualified lifeguards and trained aquatic rescue  personnel available for hire.  

They can work with venue staff in all lifeguard and rescue matters, or establish an independent patrol

and rescue service. 


Ensure that you meet the duty of care to your customers, competitors, spectators or members

of the public visiting your site by having us available to tend to the medical needs of your event.


Our medics can cover triathlons, football, soccer, hockey, tennis, equestrian, mountain bike, BMX,

motor cross, 4WD trips and competitions, boat racing and aquatic events with a professional and

caring approach.  Our medics even have experience in competing in many events, so we have a unique

appreciation of your requirements.


Our teams can set up a single medical post or be mobile around your venue and full support to

event organisers is available. 


Email us now for a competitive quote.


By hiring medics accredited by the Professional Association of Event and Industrial Medics PAEIMA you are

guaranteed of highly qualified and professional medical staff.   The perfect addition to any event. 



                  EMA/EMT Extreme Sports Medics have;

          PAEIMA Accredited

  • Police working with children checked. 

  • Our Extreme Sports Medics are professional with a minimum of 12 months working experience and have occupational, remote and emergency response pre-hospital care nationally accredited qualifications.

  • Qualified to manage options relating to transporting casualties, including aero-medical evacuation

  • Carry and are qualified to use emergency drugs for advanced pain (our first aiders dont have this qualification) and other emergency medical conditions

  • Protocols and Pharmacology signed by our Medical Director

  • Code of Conduct

  • Wide level of experience including national races, mining, remote area and mobile medical requirements.

  • Independently registered/accredited and monitored.  No unchecked credentials.

  • Fully insured (for professional indemnity and public liability) medics.

  • Our medics use nationally compliant first aid kits (compliant to the Therapeutic Goods Administration).


For bookings call Russell at operations 02 633 43968  

                                                          Mobile   043926471




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Life Survival Training & Medic Services


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Intensive Pre Hospital Care is Available

External Accreditation of Medic/Educators

Professional Association of Event and Industrial Medics Australia, Incorporated


Our Medic/instructors are members of and/or accredited by one or more of the following professional organisations/associations or partner RTO's